The National Public Safety Partnership (PSP) was established by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to provide an innovative framework to enhance federal support of state, local, and tribal law enforcement and prosecution authorities in enhancing public safety.

PSP began as a pilot program, the Violence Reduction Network, in 2014 and is designed to promote interagency coordination by leveraging specialized law enforcement expertise with dedicated prosecutorial resources to promote public and community safety.

PSP serves as a DOJ-wide program that enables participating sites to consult with and receive expedited, coordinated training and technical assistance (TTA) and an array of resources from DOJ to enhance local public safety strategies. This model enables DOJ to provide jurisdictions of different sizes and diverse needs with data-driven, evidence-based strategies tailored to the unique local needs of participating cities to build their capacities to address violent crime challenges. PSP has engaged with more than 60 sites since the program’s inception.

DOJ is committed to advancing work that promotes civil rights, increases access to justice, supports crime victims, protects the public from crime and evolving threats, and builds trust between law enforcement and the community. The PSP initiative supports and advances DOJ’s principles in all of its activities.

PSP Approach

  • 3-Year Commitment
  • Strategic Site Liaison Assigned
  • Annual Violent Crime Summit
  • Expedited Delivery of Assistance in Eight Core Areas:
    • Community Engagement
    • Constitutional Policing
    • Crime Analysis
    • Criminal Justice Collaboration
    • Federal Partnerships
    • Gun Violence
    • Investigations
    • Technology
  • Peer Learning and Exposure to Communities of Practice

Notable Accomplishments

  • PSP connected the Richmond PSP site with a research partner to help analyze gun crime information in the area. The site team used the analyses to strategically target violent crime reduction efforts. Richmond attributes significant homicide reductions in 2022 to the connection and assistance provided by the researcher—it experienced a 34 percent reduction compared to 2021.
  • PSP helped the Davenport site establish a gun violence intervention (GVI) program. Since launching in spring 2022, the GVI team contacted (through custom notifications) 75 at-risk individuals, and only 3 reoffended between contact and December 2022.
  • In 2022, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office (Phoenix PSP site) developed a new database and tool to share prosecution information with PSP partners. The database includes information on the status of each case, including if it was adopted for prosecution, charges filed, dates of trial, and disposition. This database stemmed from the Phoenix Police Department’s request to have the ability to track a case from beginning to end (i.e., from receiving the complaint to case disposition).
  • In September 2022, the Rochester Police Department introduced the new Gun-Involved Violence Elimination Program, which targets violent offenders and provides opportunities to participate in social service programs aimed to reduce criminal behavior and violence.
  • The Wichita Police Department worked with Wichita State University in September 2022 on a juvenile anti-violence media campaign, which created a TikTok video to highlight a drug buy gone wrong, leading to a shooting. The project includes research on hashtags and links on how the information is shared.
  • In November 2022, the Baton Rouge Police Department launched a website to share its strategic planning activities for the East Baton Rouge Gun Violence Collaborative, a partnership among federal, state, county, and local law enforcement and community programs to address violence in the area.
  • Per a recommendation from the PSP nonfatal shooting assessment, the Phoenix Police Department established a nonfatal shooting investigation team in April 2023. The team will respond to scenes with serious injuries caused by gunshots and hopes to expand over time to all scenes where a bullet pierces skin. To help respond quickly, the police department has partnered with the Phoenix Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) department, which will call the police department immediately anytime it responds to an EMS call with a shooting victim.
  • In July 2023, the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Police Department introduced three new initiatives to combat violent crimes in the District, including a juvenile curfew enforcement pilot, 50 new CCTV cameras, and increased referral bonuses for employees recommending new recruits.
  • In 2023, the Sacramento Police Department’s Office of Violence Prevention offered $2.2 million in grant funds to local community nonprofit organizations to target high-risk youth and families in areas affected by gang-related homicides, shootings, and aggravated assaults.
  • In 2023, the Anchorage Police Department enhanced its crime analysis capabilities, opened a multidisciplinary center for victims of sexual assault and crimes against children, and created a team to respond to mental health issues.

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PSP Site Team

Site team structure
  • Mayor police icon

    Executive Leadership

    Executive leadership provides oversight and support.

  • Points of Contact icon

    Points of Contact

    United States Attorneys’ Offices and law enforcement leadership serve as local points of contact and coordinate activities and services for the PSP sites.

  • DOJ Champion icon

    DOJ Program Office Champion

    A DOJ Program Office Champion serves as the point of contact for the site to effectively navigate access to DOJ programmatic resources.

  • Strategic Site Liaison

    A Strategic Site Liaison (SSL) works with each site to coordinate project services and support enhancement of the site’s violence reduction efforts.

  • Police icon

    DOJ Federal Law Enforcement

    Federal Law Enforcement partners from ATF, DEA, the FBI, and USMS assign points of contact to serve as liaisons to navigate DOJ law enforcement resources available to the sites.

  • PSP Program Advisor

    A PSP Program Advisor, provided by BJA’s TTA provider, supports the site’s violence reduction efforts.