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Utilizing Social Network Analysis to Reduce Violent Crime

The growing field of network science examines how our social connections influence a range of phenomena, including whom we marry, the things we buy, the votes we cast, the jobs we get, and even the health of our communities and families. This webinar explored how social network analysis (SNA) can be used to understand and guide gun violence prevention efforts. The webinar covered the basics of SNA, with the aim of providing a foundation for understanding how mapping human social networks can be used to better address violent crime. Geared towards participants from all areas of the criminal justice community, the webinar addressed the key concepts and the basic data and computing requirements for effective social network analysis. This webinar focused on the use of law enforcement agency record information to examine social ties, such as when suspects are arrested together or are linked together for having been mentioned in the same field interview stop. These official ties were used to illustrate the utility of SNA.

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